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Aldo Ziflaj

Just another programming addict, with a sweet tooth for software development and cutting-edge technologies

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About me

I believe that every project idea is a good idea, and with the right people it can be turned into the next big thing. I aim to be one of those right people. When I work on a project, I like to work professionally, following the best practices in the field of software development and always giving the best out of me. I am a fast learner and can easily adapt to any application stack.

If my skills meet your needs, feel free to contact me.

I am studying Computer Engineering in the Polytechnic University of Tirana in Albania, mostly focused in the Software Development. Nevertheless, I’ve been writing code since 17.

My skills include:

  • Java Development: My language of choice. I have worked with GUI (in Swing), networking and database connections. Recently I’ve been playing with Spring Framework for building MVC and RESTful web services in Java. My build tool of choice is Gradle (also used in Android development)
  • PHP: I use Composer for package management and frameworks like Laravel, Symfony and Phalcon.
  • JavaScript: AngularJS is my JS framework of choice when it comes to front-end web development, but I can also use jQuery and other JS frameworks as needed. I can develop full-stack JavaScript applications using the MEANstack (MongoDB + Express + AngularJS + Node.js).
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Native Android
  • Hybrid mobile development: I use frameworks like Ionic Framework, based on Cordova, to create hybrid mobile applications for iOS and Android.
  • Git: My version control system of choice
  • Databases: I can use both SQL databases (like MySQL, PosgreSQL, SQLite) and NoSQL databases like MongoDB.

Other, less experienced skills I have include Python, CoffeeScript, C, C++, C#, Scala, build tools like Gradle and Gulp.js, basic DevOps skills such as using Vagrant, Puppet and Chef, etc. My IDE/editor choices are IntelliJ IDEA and Atom, but I’ve also used others in the past, including Eclipse IDE and NetBeans.

You can find my recent work on my GitHub account and also at some blogs where I write, such as SitePoint or JavaCodeGeeks.