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Just another programming addict, with a sweet tooth for software development and cutting-edge technologies

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Hello, World! This is my first blogpost @ I decided to use Jekyll after I read this post from Dashamir Hoxha. It is simple to set up and it's given for free by GitHub (and I <3 GitHub).

I will try to write as much as possible about stuff that I like and find interesting, mostly tech-related. It will help me to remember some stuff (for example Vagrant setup, which I always forget) and maybe helps other people too.

If you want to see any of my posts online, I usually write programming-related articles at:

  • Sitepoint, where I have been writting for mobile and web development;
  • Java Code Geeks, where I have been writting about Java development and tried to make examples as practical as I could think;
  • Things Lab blog, where sometimes I write any article about the activities at Things Lab, the best place where you can Learn, Make and Share in Tirana.

So that's it as a first blogpost (I guess). If you have any question or any other thing to say, feel free to ping me. You will find contact info at the about page.